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Forbes names Headspring a 2020 Small Giant

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Headspring, a software strategy and development company, has been chosen as a 2020 Forbes Small Giant. This recognition acknowledges the top 25 purpose-driven companies in the United States.

Every year, Forbes teams up with the Small Giants Community to identify and recognize organizations that choose greatness over growth and invest in their people and their culture. Small Giants and their leaders share these ideals and are able to best serve their customers, employees, and communities, all while maintaining profitability. This fifth annual list also highlights Small Giants’ efforts to use purpose to support their communities during a global pandemic. The 25 companies are all privately owned and closely held.

“It’s truly an honor to receive this recognition and to join the Small Giants community,” said Headspring CEO Dustin Wells. “We’re proud to be alongside other companies who believe that having a purpose-driven mission and prioritizing people is good for business.”

The Small Giants community is inspired by Bo Burlingham’s book, Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, which takes a deep look at remarkable companies and how they do business differently. He found some common threads among these companies: They had a vision, values, a mission statement, and were led by servant leaders. Today, all Small Giants share these six qualities: Leadership, Community, Relationships, Culture, Passion, and Profit. The community’s mission is to identify, connect, and develop purpose-driven business leaders.

Small Giants do not pursue growth for the sake of growth. The goal is not to get big, it’s to have the biggest impact they can on their stakeholders, both internal and external.

“Growth is important, but only to the degree that it creates more opportunities and capabilities for our employees, our clients, and other stakeholders,” says Wells. “We’re taking intentional steps to build a community that generates value holistically.”

To learn more about Headspring, visit https://headspring.com/
To learn more about the Small Giants Community, visit https://smallgiants.org/
To see the full list of the Forbes 2020 Small Giants, visit: https://www.forbes.com/sites/maneetahuja/2020/05/12/forbes-small-giants-25-companies-that-believe-smaller-is-better/

Headspring is a custom software development company, born and bred in Austin, TX, with partnerships across the country. From application development and enterprise architecture to full-on IT modernization, their solutions are designed to help companies move faster, work better, and stand out in fast-changing markets. Headspring has cultivated a strong culture across its offices and individual locations throughout the country and abroad. They draw on their vast experience building and managing distributed teams to deliver added value to their community in this critical time.