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9 Startups That Will Totally Improve Your Productivity This Year


We read somewhere recently that between 80 to 92% of New Year’s resolutions are broken by January 20th. Inspiring stuff, eh? As we enter February, we want to make sure that’s not the case for the DIG Nation. We found nine productivity software startups from around the South that will help you work smarter and faster, so you can breeze through to-do lists, organize your inbox, and maybe even free up enough time to hit the (crowded) gym. Maybe…

  1. According to Boca Raton-based Glip (and apparently MIT), 36% of our time is spent in our inboxes. Yikes! The startup wants to help you reclaim that time by streamlining real-time chat, task management, calendar, video conferencing, and file sharing into one platform. Glip also integrates with other apps like Google Drive and Asana.
  2. Voxa is an Atlanta startup that uses state-of-the-art natural language processing to help users efficiently manage corporate emails. Their “messaging intelligence” monitors and measures data like response time and urgent versus non-urgent customer questions, and logs that data into the user’s CRM system for continuous tracking and improvement.
  3. Also hailing from Atlanta is Calendly, a sleek and simple scheduling platform that eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails to book an appointment. Users set their availability preferences in Calendly, share their personalized scheduling link with clients or colleagues, and the selected time is automatically synced to their calendar.
  4. Raleigh-based TaskTorch is a social workflow system to help teams efficiently manage tasks and stay on the same page. Each user manages their own “cards” listed by priority, with easy access to co-workers tasks, progress, and requests for help.
  5. Forge is an app developed by Austin-based Co. The visual brainstorming tool makes it easy for users to plan projects with notes, sketches, and inspiration, and organize similar ideas into storyboards. Users can also import files from their photos or Dropbox, and export Forge creations into Photoshop or other applications for final revisions.
  6. Baltimore-based Mailstrom is an inbox management software that integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and other email providers to help users finally reach the coveted “inbox zero.” Its features include grouping, which bundles related emails so you can deal with them all at once, “Chill” and “Expire” functions that help you manage emails at or within specific times, and filters that direct emails to folders rather than your inbox.
  7. Freedom is a Durham, NC startup that increases productivity by blocking out online distractions (we mean you, Buzzfeed quizzes). Users can select specific websites or apps to block, or they can drown out the entire Internet. The software works on-the-fly or for pre-scheduled, recurring sessions.
  8. Austin-based Mashboard brings all of your online services into one organized and searchable screen so you don’t have to juggle multiple tabs, search your entire hard drive for files, or switch between devices (AKA the most epic #FirstWorldProblem). It also syncs with applications like Google Apps, Evernote, and Dropbox.
  9. Hailing from Dallas, Taskk is a task management application that tells you what to do next, like the 21st century Mom! Users input their lists and tasks in priority order, telling Taskk how much time they have that day, the next day, and into the future. Using that information, Taskk creates a day-by-day workload and timeline, and if schedules change, users can drag and drop to create a more accurate task schedule.

We hope these innovative companies help you reach your goals this year. Make sure to join us at #DIG2016 on April 26 – 28 in Charleston, SC to meet startups just like these from around the South!

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