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Sun’s Out, Guns Out! 10 Southern Startups with Your Summer Fitness Fix


As temperatures heat up and bathing suits find their way back into your wardrobe rotation, how will you keep your fitness regimen on track while still enjoying weekend cookouts and ice cream truck stops? You could certainly try Kanye’s workout plan, or you could turn to these 10 Southern startups that make it more convenient and – dare we say – fun to whip those dad bods into shape this summer. Grab your sweatbands, crank up the Rocky IV soundtrack, and get movin’!

  1. So you drank too many margaritas at the neighbors’ pool party and aren’t feeling motivated to workout today. Charlotte-based FitRaise might do the trick. The virtual event platform allows users to earn donations for their favorite charities while they run, walk, or cycle. The company was launched in 2015 and is a RevTechLabs graduate.
  2. Want to work out with a personal trainer but your schedule (and budget) is tight? Blacksburg, VA startupFitnet is a “personal trainer for everyone.” Select a short workout in the mobile app, set up your phone’s webcam and get real-time personalized feedback from a certified personal trainer. Users can also set up weekly schedules through FitNet’s 7-day scheduling tool.
  3. “Is it worth it, lemme Sworkit…” Ok so those aren’t the Missy Elliott lyrics, but Silver Spring, MD startupSworkit is the real deal. The company has raised nearly $3M and was recently featured on Shark Tank. Their free fitness app takes users through a 5-60+ minute toning, yoga, or pilates workout without equipment, and their premium version offers a custom workout builder for novices or fitness professionals to create and share custom routines.
  4. Kiss those excuses goodbye! Tampa-based Fittr makes exercising easier than ever by creating customized workout plans based on your fitness goals, available equipment, available time, and exercise style preference. The app guides users through their workout with voice coaching with details around form, reps, and breaks.
  5. Hate going to group fitness classes at the gym but still want a workout buddy? Atlanta-based Fit With Friends helps users build virtual fitness communities, set up fitness challenges or virtual running course maps, and invite their friends or coworkers to compete through a mobile leaderboard. Now you don’t have to get caught spying on your friend’s treadmill speed. You’re welcome.
  6. Whether you’re jet-setting for work or going on a family vacation this summer, travel makes it even harder to maintain a workout routine. Tulsa startup Ramblen provides recommendations on running and cycling routes, hiking trails, and information like nearby lap pools, running stores, group fitness activities, and healthy restaurants.
  7. Gainesville-based peerFit helps you try different fitness classes without needing to join a gym or pay drop-in rates at a studio. Using the online platform, users can add credits to their account, search and book classes, and show up for their workout. Unused credits rollover to the next month so you don’t miss out on a sweat sesh.
  8. Finding a trainer can be hard if you don’t belong to a gym. Launched in 2014, Dallas-based getfitter is a web and mobile app that connects people with a carefully selected group of health and fitness coaches from around the world. Users perform a fitness assessment, choose a coach from getfitter’s suggestions, set up a plan of action, and track their progress over time.
  9. Yeah you might look good in your new lululemon gear this summer, but you might also need to save money on the actual workout…Baltimore-based FitMango is making personal training more affordable by helping users split the cost with 2-4 other like-minded individuals. Users share personal preferences and FitMango suggests the perfect small group training session at a partner gym.
  10. Austin-based Gritness is a fitness app acquired by Under Armour Connected Fitness in 2015. Prior to the acquisition, Gritness simplified group fitness activities by providing a central place to plan and coordinate workouts. Group fitness companies could also post their workouts and accept payments through the app.

We hope this list leaves you feeling like the next Jane Fonda this summer. Know of other fitness-related Southern startups we should add? Let us know in the comments or holler at us on Twitter!