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These Southern companies are making Election Day an unofficial holiday

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Hundreds of tech companies are turning Election Day into an unofficial holiday so employees have time to get to the polls. And while a big number of the organizations that we’ve seen are New York or California-based (including major brands like Spotify, Thrillist, and Evernote), many Southern CEOs are actively encouraging their workforce to rock the vote by offering time – or even the whole day – off. We found 38 companies, from Washington, DC all the way to Texas, who have publicized their “voter PTO,” but we’re sure there are more. Check out the list below and comment if your company is supporting a similar effort.

  1. Adzerk: a cloud API platform for building integrated native ads in weeks. Based in Durham, NC.
  2. Ag TechInventures: an agricultural technology accelerator that further develops promising intellectual property in agbiotech. Located in Durham, NC.
  3. Agileana: A Herdon, VA-based government contractor providing lean, agile, web development and 18F consulting services.
  4. AndiSites: Easy-to-use-and -update, mobile-friendly WordPress websites for businesses, higher ed & government organizations. Located in Chapel Hill, NC.
  5. Apex CoVantage: A Herndon, VA-based company that helps publishers, libraries, and media companies manage their content through prepress and composition, metadata, digitization, and streamlined workflows.
  6. Apptitude: A design and development firm for mobile and web projects. Based in New Orleans, LA.
  7. Authentica Solutions: Data management solutions that accelerate the deployment of data integration, management, reporting and analytics for school districts (K-12 and Higher Ed) of any size. Based in Atlanta, GA.
  8. Automated Healthcare Solutions: a leading provider of technology-enabled medication dispensing. Located in Miramar, FL.
  9. Cargo: A Greenville, SC-based marketing and advertising firm for big brands and small businesses.
  10. Covello: a collaborative growth company that crafts experiences, builds products, and inspires new thinking for its clients. Located in Atlanta, GA.
  11. Crystal: The world’s largest personality platform that analyzes public data to tell you how you can expect any given person to behave. Based in Nashville, TN.
  12. data.world: a social network for data people, based in Austin, TX.
  13. EcoEnergy Finance: A Washington, DC-based company developing solutions to deliver clean energy to rural Pakistan.
  14. EdBacker: An Arlington, VA company that allows educators to fundraise all the money they need for important education related projects, programs and events.
  15. Edison AgroSciences: an agricultural biotechnology company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative solutions for the production of plant-based industrial materials. Located in Durham, NC.
  16. FiscalNote: A Washington, DC-based provider of data-driven insights, tracking, and analysis from legislative, legal, and regulatory information for all 50 states, DC, and Congress.
  17. Glipple: A music discovery and music community platform located in Atlanta, GA.
  18. HERO: An Austin, TX-based mobile app that helps people get home safe after drinking by optimizing all options to get home and rewarding friends for being designated drivers.
  19. KELL Partners: a West Lake Hills, TX-based consulting firm, specializing in nonprofit Salesforce implementations.
  20. Kollabio: a digital strategy and solutions firm with a focus on creating smart, connected products to address social issues and improve quality of life. Based in Virginia.
  21. Mentoring Minds: A Tyler, TX-based educational publisher focused on creating a positive learning environment.
  22. Obaa Incorporated: a secure messaging platform and virtual assistant for healthcare teams. Based in Dallas, TX.
  23. Persista: A Virginia-based tech company providing intelligent information discovery by seamlessly searching all the services you use.
  24. Phone2Action: A Washington, DC-based tech company that supplies social advocacy and civic engagement tools to connect constituents with their elected officials.
  25. Quorum Analytics: an online platform that tracks legislation and dialogue in Washington and all 50 states, leverages quantitative analytics to help users identify potential champions, and enables advocates to easily contact legislators and their staff. Based in Washington, DC.
  26. Ravti is a Tampa, Florida-based company that builds software to manage HVAC for commercial real estate.
  27. Reverly Labs: a premium custom software and digital product studio located in New Orleans, LA.
  28. SchoolInfoApp: a Ruston, LA-based company that builds branded iPhone, iPad, Android and web apps for schools and school districts.
  29. Southeast TechInventures: A Durham-based accelerator that works with university-based inventors to accelerate commercialization.
  30. Switchyards: an Atlanta-based hub for consumer-driven startups.
  31. TempDev: a certified and preferred NextGen® solution provider for Healthcare IT and EHR consulting. Located in Miami Beach, FL.
  32. The BRANDAGEMENT: a full-service digital, mobile-first, social media and branding agency located in Nashville, TN.
  33. Time4Learning: an online education program for home-school, afterschool, remediation and summer use. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  34. Timetap: Charlotte, NC-based appointment scheduling software for small businesses.
  35. TransitScreen: A DC-based company that provides real-time display of transportation options at your location.
  36. VividCortex: a SaaS product for database performance monitoring. Located in Charlottesville, VA.
  37. VocabularySpellingCity: A mobile and web app that helps improve vocabulary through engaging word-based games. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  38. Yellowstone: a mobile app platform that makes it easy to create and run customized iOS and Android apps for organizations of any size, right from your browser, no coding required. Based in Virginia.

We hope you exercise your civic duty today, and again, let us know if your company is giving some time off to help you do so!