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Crush Your Resolutions with These Atlanta Startups

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Our friends at Hypepotamus are all for self-improvement (it’s why they’re so committed to providing resources to help your hustle!) and there’s no better time for it than the start of a new year.

Almost half of Americans say they make at least one New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, by the end of the year less than 10 percent say they’ve accomplished that goal — which is why we’ve rounded up the tools and products that will help you accomplish some popular New Year’s resolutions.

Bring it on, 2017.

Resolution: Get in Shape.


This Los Angeles-based company was part of the Techstars cohort last year and liked Atlanta so much, they made it one of their initial launch cities. Download the free Fitspot app to book an on-demand session with a personal trainer, your choice of date, time, and location.

Wahoo Fitness

To help you figure out whether the time you spend exercising is actually effective, snap on a wearable heart rate monitor from Wahoo Fitness. These gadgets tracks heat rate in real time, meaning it can measure how many calories you’re actually burning in your exercise session. We’re looking forward to seeing what this Alpharetta-based fitness tech company is showing off at CES this year (new gym toys, anyone?)

Resolution: Eat Healthier.


This Atlanta-based meal delivery service was the first national meal-kit business to have a registered dietitian on staff. Nom on fresh, local ingredients and “SuperFood” recipes. Plus, since it’s all DIY, knock out a “Learn to Cook” resolution at the same time.


“Chewable juice”, created by holistic lifestyle expert Ladell Hill, is a concoction of 35+ fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs, packed into one bottle.

Resolution: Get Organized.


For those who feel like half the work day is spent scheduling, cancelling, and forgetting about meetings, Calendly’s “simple, beautiful scheduling software” integrates all your calendars into one. The platform eliminates the need for the back-and-forth scheduling emails and gives you more time in your work day for, you know, actual work.

Resolution: Improve Your Relationships.

Well-Known Book

This little workbook was created by local husband-and-wife duo Kaitie and Jared Bryant after observing how little we sometimes know about those closest to us. The book of questions is divided into 5 levels and intended to stimulate conversation and deepen relationships.

Thanks again to Holly at Hypepotamus for this great roundup. Make sure to follow the Atlanta hustle at: https://hypepotamus.com/