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What a Coffee Shop Run-In Showed Me About Mentorship

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“Hey, did you teach Music Management at the College of Charleston?” said the smiling, tatt-sleeved woman, snagging her espresso on the counter next to mine.
“Yes, I did.” Doing the math in my head … eleven, twelve years ago, was it?
“I graduated and went straight into the music business,” she continued, “… toured with Skrillex, Seether and Alanis Morissette … great class.”

And there it was. Validation. The pilgrim had returned, shared her journey and thanked me.

Sometimes we tell them how we cut our path, hand over the map and wish ’em luck as they break for the future — bon voyage.

On those days, it’s obvious. It says it right there on the name tag: “Hello, I’m a Mentor.”

But most of the time our mentors arrive out of the blue sky. Unannounced. And we have to be aware. Better prepared. And ready to embrace the moment whenever and wherever it happens.

DIG ICON is that kind of place.

Get ready, pilgrim.


-Stanfield, DIG SOUTH Founder

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Photo credit: Inside Elsewhere