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Three Good Reasons Your Boss Should Send You to DIG SOUTH

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DIG SOUTH Gary Vaynerchuk entrepreneur innovation conference
The fifth annual DIG SOUTH Innovation Conference is just one month away! Our founder, Stanfield Gray, shares three reasons why you need to be there. And if you’re waiting to register — don’t forget! Badge rates increase on March 31.
1. Hyper-efficient use of the company’s resources

DIG the deal. How much would it cost you to travel to pitch even a few potential clients? Join us at DIG to work your way through a primo crowd of hundreds of leading brands – Salesforce, Jet.com, Casper, DraftKings, Vox – and fast-growth startups like BoomTown, Snagajob and Atlatl. Focus on the big fish, stay open to serendipitous opportunities and take home a sterling catch. This is your target-rich environment. Take aim. And fire the Super Soaker (yes, we are in Charleston).

2. You can only learn so much at your desk from yet another demo or PPT or webinar

DIG useful knowledge? You need to be there. In Charleston. Where the action happens and the deep takeaways are shared. Join us to run with the big dogs – the bloodhounds racing up the mountain – tough, hungry and covered in victory mud. How do they carry themselves? How do they keep the scent? What’s the body language and attitude that closes the epic deal? Ask Casper CEO Philip Krim directly how their revenue skyrocketed! And get the scoop from Revolution Ventures on the best way to secure startup capital when you’re based in a smaller market.
3. Rarefied air: tech gatherings are oxygen for company innovation
Are you ready to dominate or keeping a deathwatch? If you’re not reinventing yourself every second, staying on top of top trends and market drivers, you could be dead in the water within six months. Learn the neuroscience of extraordinary leadership and performance from Robert Cooper at DIG. Find out exactly what content is relevant for e-commerce today. And get the latest on AR/VR from the pros at Unity.
Don’t be the next MySpace, Blackberry or Yahoo…Keep on trucking.