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New Restaurant App Launches in Charleston During DIG SOUTH

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CurEat – the innovative new restaurant app designed to help residents and travelers discover a great place to dine and drink – became available in the iTunes App Store January 2017. CurEat provides trustworthy, curated lists of award-winning, independent and time-honored restaurants in over 60 cities across the United States, and empowers users to create and share their own lists. This week, CurEat introduces its Charleston “CurEaters” – food and beverage pros and tastemakers – and their restaurant recommendations. The Charleston CurEat app will officially launch during DIG SOUTH’s Innovation Conference, April 25-27.

Created by entrepreneur, world traveler, and passionate diner Steve Mangano (also a DIG ICON speaker!), CurEat fills a void in the dining app world, now dominated by negative, customer-driven reviews and inferior restaurant lists. With a background in the hospitality industry, Mangano’s inspiration for this app is the direct result of his desire to more easily discover “the place” to eat while traveling as well as support independent restaurants.

Mark your calendar! Founder Steve Mangano will be in Charleston presenting at DIG ICON on April 26th

Restaurant lists are a core feature of the app. Users may create and share restaurant recommendations with followers. The app allows you to easily make your lists for different cities and share them within the app, or via text message or email. Lists may reflect any topic, from the “Best Restaurants for Fried Chicken” to “Where to Eat with the Kids.” The app refines your restaurant searches based on the lists you make and the lists you follow, further curating lists of restaurants you may wish to discover.

CurEat is an official Launch Sponsor at DIG ICON — conference attendees will be able to test out the app with Stanfield and Steve in-person! 

CurEaters offer a unique feature within the app. They represent a cross-section of each community, and include prominent chefs, bartenders, artisans and tastemakers in the area. CurEaters’ restaurant lists are visible to all users, and thereby, influence the restaurant searches within each area. CurEaterAshley Christensen – a James Beard Foundation winning chef and owner of Poole’s Downtown Diner, Fox Liquor Bar, Beasley’s Chicken + Honey, Chucks and Death & Taxes in Raleigh, NC, was among the first CurEaters in CurEat.

Initial CurEaters in the Charleston area include:

Charleston Wine+ Food Festival
John Lewis, Lewis Barbecue
Jill Mathias, Chez Nous
Craig Deihl, Cypress Restaurant, Artisan Meat Share
Jacques Larson, Wild Olive, Obstinate Daughter
Jason Stanhope, FIG
Karalee Nielsen Fallart, Monza, Taco Boy, Closed For Business, The Royal American, The Park Café, The Green Heart Project
Lauren Mitterer, Wildflour Bakery
Randi Weinstein, This is Fab
Ryan Casey, The Dewberry
Stanfield Gray, DIG SOUTH 
Terry Fox, Charleston Arts Festival, PURE Theatre, Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston Creative Parliament
Tim Hussey, Artist Studio Hussey

Find CurEat in the iTunes store here and register for DIG SOUTH’s Innovation Conference by April 24 to save $200