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InsureSign makes the digital signing process even easier with faster, simpler web-based version, enhanced features

E-signature software offers increased flexibility for new and existing users

CHARLESTON, S.C.— Everybody hates paperwork. And complex software. That’s why InsureSign has been growing by leaps and bounds with its super easy-to-use, electronic-signing solution.

Since its inception six years ago, the brand has grown from a family business’s proprietary tool to a service with tens of thousands of users through the U.S. and Canada. Today, InsureSign announced a slew of new features and updates to keep its prized status as the easiest-to-use e-signature tool on the market.

The new web-based system allows users to set up and send documents for e-signing faster than ever—from anywhere in the world, on any computer connected to the internet. This latest version gives users more options for prepping documents for signing; they can now opt to upload documents directly, or they can use the existing Virtual Printer to instantly turn documents into ones that can be e-signed.

These product enhancements are additional to the existing features InsureSign’s users know and love:

  • Unlimited number of signatures, documents and templates each month.
  • Simple “drag and drop” signature fields for document set-up.
  • Document signing on smartphones, tablets and computers… even via text message.
  • Automatic back-up and storage for easy document retrieval at any time.
  • Dedicated customer assistance via phone during set-up, training and beyond.
  • All documents attach with complete audit trails.

“InsureSign takes a long ‘pen and paper’ process and turns it into an instantaneous ‘mouse or finger’ process,” said Joe Floyd, founder and CEO of InsureSign. “We wanted to create more options for our users, since they all have different needs and preferences.”

Floyd launched InsureSign in 2011 after creating an easy-to-use online-signature tool for his family’s insurance and finance company. Floyd saw an underserviced niche in the e-signature market: the insurance industry, which relies heavily on signed agreements to function.

Six years later, Floyd and his small team have grown InsureSign’s customer base to thousands of businesses, with tens of thousands of users. In 2016, the brand broke out of its original mold and now has in a broad range of industries, including healthcare, human resources, and finance.

The latest InsureSign version was built by a team of developers in Charleston, S.C. and utilizes a few modern technologies to keep the software sleek and lean. Most of the code runs in a serverless environment for speed and stability; this provides the added benefit of a more secure system since compute resources are only available for the few seconds that each function takes to run. Data is stored remotely, utilizing a no-SQL datastore, and is replicated over multiple cloud server availability zones for reliability.


The new features are now available to new and existing customers. For more information, visit www.insuresign.com.


About InsureSign

Launched in 2011 by veteran insurance agent Joe Floyd, InsureSign began as the only e-signature software designed specifically for the insurance industry. With its easy-to-use features, constant customer support and unlimited options for users, InsureSign grew exponentially in its first few years and now has tens of thousands of users across many industries. Curious future customers can try InsureSign free for 14 days at www.insuresign.com.