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Blinktbi Announces Appointment of Harvey W. Schiller to Board of Directors

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Brigadier General Harvey W. Schiller, USAF Ret., Ph.D., was recognized by Sports Business Journal as a pioneer and innovator in sports business who has shaped the future of the industry. Throughout a long and prominent career, Schiller has demonstrated the ability to build successful organizations through both acquisition and talent development, education, innovation, and successful leadership. Blinktbi, a company spearheading concussion assessment by measuring the blink reflex, is proud to make this addition of experience and success to its Board of Directors.

Blinktbi’s technology, the Reflexometer™, yields fast and objective data about brain function by capturing and measuring the blink reflex. Taking just 20 seconds, the device uses light puffs of air directed near the patient’s eyelashes to trigger the involuntary blink reflex. A high speed camera records and tracks the eyelids and measures a number of variables conducive to the blink reflex. This data is compared to the patient’s preliminary baseline test and yields results in real time for medical personnel to use in concussion evaluation. Because this is based on human reflexes, the system cannot be “gamed” by someone who may want to manipulate the outcome.

Dr. Schiller brings a formidable resume to the Blinktbi BoD.  A 24-year veteran and Brigadier General retiree of the Air Force, he is a renowned leader in the world of athletics, having served as Chairman/CEO of the YankeeNets, President of Turner Sports, Inc., and President of the Atlanta Thrashers. Schiller served as Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference from 1986-1990, recently served as Commercial Commissioner of America’s Cup 35, and has held multiple leadership positions within the Olympics such as Executive Director/Secretary General of the United States Olympic Committee. Schiller now serves on the Board of Directors for Blinktbi, Inc.

“I’m proud to join the other board members in bringing Blinktbi and its unique technology to the world of concussion identification,” said Schiller. “I see real potential for this technology to be the global-leader of TBI assessment and athlete safety.”

About Blinktbi, Inc. – Blinktbi brings game-changing technology to the TBI paradigm. By capturing and measuring the blink reflex, this technology quickly yields objective data about brain function for a trained evaluator to use in support of TBI diagnosis. Now there is a breakthrough solution in detection and assessment – available in the blink of an eye. For more information, visit www.blinktbi.com.