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Charleston E-signature Software Team Releases Unique Premium ‘InsureSign Pro’ Features

InsureSign, the simple & secure electronic-signing software, today announced the release of its “InsureSign Pro” plan that includes three new premium features: SMS/text message delivery, custom landing pages, and email integration.

The Charleston-based development team built the new, unique features based on customer feedback. The seven full-time developers operate out of the Pacific Box and Crate campus.

Now, InsureSign users have more options to fit their individual business needs, and can select between “Standard,” “Pro” and “Enterprise” plans.

How can users grow their businesses and make life easier for themselves and their customers with new “InsureSign Pro?”

  • Meet customers where they are with Text/SMS signing: More and more people prefer to communicate via text message, especially millennials. With this “Pro” feature, InsureSign users can securely get their documents signed via text message, and their customers can enjoy an unbelievably convenient e-signing experience.
  • Market the business via custom landing pages. When’s the best time to ask customers to write a review on Yelp or to “like” a Facebook page? Immediately after they’ve had a positive customer experience (and while they’re already online). With “Pro,” InsureSign users can direct their customers to a custom landing page right after they’ve finished e-signing.
  • Save valuable time with Gmail and Outlook integration. With “Pro,” InsureSign users can connect their Gmail or Outlook contacts to send out documents for signing even faster, all while eliminating the typos that can come along with manually entering names and email addresses.

“Offering a tiered structure is ideal for our customers—not everybody needs all the bells and whistles, but for those who do, they’re available,” said Joe Floyd, InsureSign’s founder and CEO. “At InsureSign, we want to give people something that is clearly worth paying for.”

These new features are just the latest update to InsureSign’s offerings, coming on the heels of an across-the-board product enhancement in October 2017.

“Pro” also includes all of the “Standard” features that InsureSign’s users know and love:

  • Unlimited number of signatures, documents and templates each month.
  • Simple “drag and drop” signature fields for document set-up.
  • Document signing on smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Automatic back-up and storage for easy document retrieval at any time.
  • Dedicated customer assistance via phone during set-up, training and beyond.
  • All documents attach with complete audit trails.

Floyd launched InsureSign in 2011 after creating an easy-to-use online-signature tool for his family’s insurance and finance company. He saw an underserviced niche in the e-signature market: the insurance industry, which relies heavily on signed agreements to function.

Six years later, Floyd and his team have grown InsureSign’s customer base to thousands of businesses, with tens of thousands of users. In 2016, the brand broke out of its original mold and now has customers in a broad range of industries, including healthcare, human resources, and finance.

About InsureSign

Launched in 2011 by veteran insurance professional Joe Floyd, InsureSign began as the only e-signature software designed specifically for the insurance industry. With its easy-to-use features, constant customer support and unlimited options for users, InsureSign grew exponentially in its first few years and now has tens of thousands of users across many industries. Curious future customers can try InsureSign free for 14 days at www.insuresign.com.