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SE Healthcare Creates New Software Platform to Enhance Reimbursement for Healthcare Providers

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CHARLESTON, SC, June 4, 2018 – SE Healthcare is excited to announce the official rollout of the Reimbursement Effectiveness Platform, the newest component of the company’s Physician Empowerment Suite, created for 26 individual specialties. SE is a healthcare technology company offering solutions to healthcare organizations through data analytics tools designed to improve safety, quality, reputation, risk mitigation, and reimbursement.

The Physician Empowerment Suite (PES) is comprised three additional components: The Patient Experience Platform, which helps healthcare providers foster a patient-centric environment and enhance reputation; The Clinical Effectiveness Platform, which assesses a provider’s clinical performance and areas of potential risks; and The Performance Improvement Tools, a set of just-in-time learning modules with educational tools and videos.

The Reimbursement Effectiveness Platform leverages the practice’s data contained in the PES, and produces a practice-specific “value story,” along with an analysis of their top commercial payers. This creates a powerful, data-driven report to use in negotiations to help increase reimbursement and grow their business.

“The Reimbursement Effectiveness Platform is a game changer for healthcare providers,” said Brian Donovan, Vice President of Business Development for SE Healthcare.

The RE tool is comprised of three key components – a payer portfolio analysis, value story, and video library – which helps practices understand opportunities for increasing payment levels for their commercial contracts, negotiate leverage points to support engagement with a payer, and benefit from a proven process for ensuring success.

“With this powerful, insightful and actionable tool, a practice becomes well positioned to drive performance within its practice and engage payers for enhanced fee-for-service and fee-for-value reimbursements,” said Phil Schauer, MD, President and Board Chair of SE Healthcare. “Finally, a sophisticated yet easy-to-use, intuitive tool and process has been developed that will help healthcare providers to successfully engage payers for enhanced revenue opportunities.”

Healthcare professionals interested in learning more about the Reimbursement Effectiveness Tool should visit www.sehqc.com or call 843-414-5087.

About SE Healthcare Quality Consulting:
SE Healthcare is a healthcare technology company offering solutions to healthcare’s major problems through data analytics tools. The company’s software platforms are helping to empower providers to take charge and grow their business through improved reputation, reduced risk, and enhanced reimbursement. To learn more visit www.sehqc.com and view platform details here.

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