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Make Beer Better, an Art, a Science, a Process

In an experiment that stretches from farm to frosty glass, a small brewery in Belmont, California, has added blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to its production process.

Applying cutting-edge tech to the ancient art of beer-making is helping Alpha Acid Brewing Company develop new blends, ensure a high-quality product, and enhance relationships with suppliers and customers. The project is also providing a tangible demonstration of the potential blockchain and IoT have for other businesses.

Blockchain—a digital ledger technology that lets participants add and view blocks of transaction records, but not delete or change them without being detected—is expected to play a big role in supply chain management. In the case of food (including beer) supply chains, blockchains provide a trusted way for participants, some of which may not know each other, to track the raw ingredients that go into the final product.

That can provide a far easier way to pinpoint the source of salmonella outbreaks, for example, or to know that the tasty Alpha Acid beer you’re drinking is made from local, organic ingredients that were put to use by the brewer shortly after harvest.

To learn more how cloud tech is taking the guesswork out of crafting the best glass of beer, check out the full article

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