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4 Don’ts From Female Founders

Founders live in a world of “NO” but these female entrepreneurs from the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem know how to turn a “DON’T” into a DID. Here’s their advice to all aspiring founders navigating the obstacles of starting up.

1. Don’t lose touch.
“Retain that competitive advantage and stay knowledgeable by attending conferences, reading industry analyst reports, and continuing education.”

– Ronika Lewis, Founder & CIO, RLI Consulting
2. Don’t wait for permission.
“Don’t wait for that big announcement that you’re a leader, just do it.”

– Maria Forney, Director of Business Development, Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem
3. Don’t forget why you started.
“Be true to yourself and never, ever give up.”

– Julie Nashawaty, Founder & CEO, Aste LLC
4. Don’t quit.
“Believe in yourself, that way we can all experience the greatness that’s inside of you.”

– Ronika Lewis, Founder & CIO, RLI Consulting
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