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Dr. Dike Drummond of TheHappyMD.com Partners with SE Healthcare to Create Physician Burnout Prevention Program

SE Healthcare is excited to announce a new partnership with Dike Drummond, MD, founder and CEO of TheHappyMD.com. Dr. Drummond is a Mayo-trained family practice physician and world-renowned expert on the treatment and prevention of physician burnout. He has trained over 30,000 doctors on behalf of over 160 corporate clients and has created groundbreaking resources on the subject of physician health.

The partnership with SE Healthcare has culminated in the introduction of the Physician Burnout Prevention Program. The creation of the program involved Dr. Drummond collaborating with SE’s team of highly experienced healthcare professionals, including Christopher Rumpf,MD, VP and Chief Clinical Officer, and Kevin Mosser, MD, Senior Medical Consultant and former CEO (retired) of Wellspan Health.

The Physician Burnout Prevention Program is designed to identify the level of physician burnout and organizational stress. The program measures the most important predictors and consequences of burnout and gives leadership teams access to actionable, anonymous data focused on supporting efforts to address and prevent burnout. Physicians have access to tutorial content that includes videos, self-help tools and other instructional content focused on relieving stress, building work-life balance, and improving physicians’ leadership skills, workflows and decision making.

SE Healthcare has created the most comprehensive enterprise-level physician health strategy in the market.  The platform is setup to be integrated into organizations of all sizes from small physician practices to large, highly organized integrated delivery systems. Physician burnout is well-recognized as a crisis in today’s healthcare system. It has been proven to lead to increased medical errors, physician turnover, and produces other significantly negative side effects. The Physician Burnout Prevention Program now provides an outlet to address the dilemma, which can lead to improved patient engagement and care, as well as healthier, happier, and higher performing physicians and organizations.

Physician burnout is an acknowledged crisis in our healthcare system, resulting in increased medical errors and physician turnover. Properly addressing this dilemma leads to improved patient engagement and care, plus healthier and better performing physicians and organizations. This simple yet sophisticated platform is very scalable, generating a real value for the physicians and their organizations.

“I can’t overstate the importance of this new partnership,” said Philip R. Schauer, MD, President of SE Healthcare and Director of the Cleveland Clinic Bariatric and Metabolic Institute (BMI). “Physician health is such a critically important issue in healthcare, and for the first time there is a tool powerful enough to really give organizations a fighting chance to address it.”

The SE Healthcare team is continuously focused on developing new product offerings and enhancing existing solutions to empower healthcare providers through powerful data analytics. SE Healthcare’s Physician Empowerment™ Suite gives healthcare providers the means to leverage key performance metrics that help them negotiate higher reimbursement, boost provider and practice reputation and improve operational performance.

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