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Happy World UFO Day: Live Long & Prosper

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Happy World UFO Day, DIG Nation,

The truth is out there, or so agents Scully and Mulder of The X-Files led us to believe. 

But maybe the truth is that the idea of UFOs traveling from distant universes to Earth is more important to the evolution of technology than absolute proof they exist? 

At DIG SOUTH we spend a lot of time following and covering emerging technology. And it’s this type of dreaming by innovators and early adopters that fires the imagination, leads to breakthroughs and invents the future. Case in point: how many of you read Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Ursula Le Guin, Douglas Adams and other giants of sci-fi and thought, “Maybe it will be possible to hitchhike across the galaxy someday … and … what do I need to build to make that happen?”

Many of you may also be wondering if those dreamers will fashion a utopian future enhanced by bots or one governed by them as our overlords? 

But that’s a question for another time. 

Today, we search the skies for clues of extraterrestrial life. We read about U.S. Navy pilots spotting and capturing videos of UFOs. And we debate the veracity of Uncle Isaac’s tale of the time he saw “it” silently hover over his house and rocket back to space.

Live long and prosper!