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DIG SOUTH Rescheduled for July 22-24 Due to COVID-19


Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 and recommendations by public health officials to increase social distancing now and in the immediate future, DIG SOUTH Tech Media is rescheduling DIG SOUTH Tech Summit for this summer, July 22-24, at the Charleston Gaillard Center.

The DIG Team is closely monitoring COVID-19 updates and following the current guidance from the leading government and health authorities to ensure we are taking responsible actions to protect the health and safety of attendees, speakers, sponsors, team members and the greater community. 

“The Gaillard shares its concern for everyone’s safety,” said Steve Bedard, President & CEO of Gaillard Management, “and we’re going to have an amazing time at DIG SOUTH Tech Summit in July.”

“On a positive note,” said DIG SOUTH CEO Stanfield Gray, “We are making every effort possible to ensure a smooth transition to the new date, increasing our year-round, digital membership benefits for DIG NATION, and helping to sustain a vibrant and successful business community across the South.”

To reiterate, the health and safety of our members, event attendees, clients, employees, and other partners is DIG SOUTH’s highest priority and we will stay in constant communication throughout this crisis.

Please stay safe and as healthy as possible, and follow all recommended guidelines from the WHO, CDC and other health professionals.


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DIG NATION Year-Round Member Platform
The year-round membership platform that never goes dark

On a positive note, DIG SOUTH is a digital-first company with a year-round DIG NATION membership organization. As such we will continue to support our members and their businesses daily through our DIG NATION platform.

DIG NATION is highly unique and distinguishes DIG SOUTH Tech Summit from many other conferences and events who go dark following the close of the event until the next year. DIG NATION is a digital-first, membership platform that never goes dark.

When you buy a membership to DIG NATION, you receive a badge to DIG SOUTH Tech Summit in addition to year-round, digital benefits. DIG NATION serves our members 365 days of the year by offering active profiles, videos, podcasts, webinars, a job board, events calendar, LinkedIn community and many other resources and benefits as they come on line. 

In addition, we are launching new webinar and live virtual series to better serve DIG NATION. The DIG Team understands this is a highly disruptive time to your families and your businesses and we are working hard to provide value and help our members succeed.