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Call Experts, CommAlert, and Punchcard Systems Announce “Covid Continuity,” a Partnership Committed to Providing Resources in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Charleston, SC – Call Experts, CommAlert, and Punchcard Systems announced a partnership among contact center leaders across the US and Canada to quickly make critical services and tools available to businesses of all sizes in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

With close to four decades of experience supporting business operations during disasters and routine overflow functions, Call Experts and its partners are in a unique position to share guidance during these times. Call Expert’s evolving and large workforce of US-based team members is trained to support emergency situations.

The partnership is committed to supporting business operations and providing real answers to real questions being presented to business owners as Coronavirus spreads across the world. Currently, the companies curated a resource library that is available online at www.covidcontinuity.com.

The customer experience industry is currently experiencing an increase in requests as workforces move to remote-based operations, and business owners focus on business continuity. Combined with newly enabled AI-powered technologies, contact centers provide affordable, efficient solutions to businesses that need to shift to adapt to the current environment quickly.

For companies feeling the pressure of time and uncertainty amidst pandemic confusion, understanding services, and quickly implementing efficient solutions is key. The partnership among Call Experts, CommAlert, and Punchcard Systems allows ease in sharing of information and a direct line to the team’s emergency planning team for all US and Canada business owners.

“Our businesses are committed to supporting business continuity and emergency planning. This partnership will open doors to provide support to key organizations across the US.”

Abby Leibowitz, President and CEO, Call Experts

“In situations such as what we’re dealing with in the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve found that mutual aid between businesses can go a long way in creating successful outcomes.”

Tim Carwell, Founder and CEO, CommAlert Group of Companies

“We’re aware that businesses are concerned about absolutely everything right now – we just want to make sure we can be here to provide a bit of reassurance that we can adapt throughout all this disruption.”

Sam Jenkins, Punchcard Systems

Call Experts (US) – The leader in customer experience solutions and management. Our team adds value to your organization by implementing award-winning support systems that deliver customer satisfaction and efficiency. Since 1982, our team focuses on supporting business continuity and remote workforces with customized, live-agent, and AI-powered contact center solutions.

CommAlert (CA) – An emergency communications company that specializes in the safety and healthcare sectors. We also offer business call answering services to virtually any size or type of business. CommAlert has assisted businesses and communities by delivering emergency response and call center services for over 25 years.

Punchcard Systems (CA) – A team of strategy, user experience, and software development professionals with a focus on building amazing digital products and platforms. Punchcard sees themselves as a startup-as-a-service, meaning they work closely with you in the exploration of transformative opportunities, to discover new business models, and to drive innovation.

Covid Continuity.com – A resource to support business leaders to understand the challenges and opportunities associated with running your business operations during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us at www.covidcontinuity.com.