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ROK Technologies Announces COVID-19 Emergency Cloud Relief to Enable Remote GIS Workforces

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ROK Technologies, the premier global provider of GIS Managed Cloud Services, announced their Emergency Cloud Relief Solution to help GIS organizations thrown into crisis mode in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this solution, organizations can quickly launch applications and data in the cloud thereby enabling a successful remote workforce. 

The Cloud Relief Effort can get most organizations running virtually in 24 Hours. “It is an excellent option in cases where GIS technology is housed on-premise and users can either no longer, or, have slow access to their technology due to work-from-home and social distancing requirements brought on by COVID-19”, says Alexandra Coleman, CEO. “Our hope is to enable these organizations to get up and running quickly so they can continue the important work that they do.” Cloud Relief will increase the speed and accessibility of the ArcGIS platform’s graphic-heavy computing requirements. This solution deploys an Enterprise Geodatabase on top of SQL Server, ArcGIS Server, Web Server, File Server, and any number of Citrix virtual desktops via Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

ROK Provides a Secure, Private Emergency Cloud Environment at No Cost to You. To assist during a time of crisis, ROK Technologies will set up the environment at no cost to you. ROK’s  Quick Start package is a month-to-month subscription service that includes the cost of infrastructure support based on the number of employees accessing your emergency environment. Also included in the subscription is dedicated hours of our managed services team to ensure you have a cloud-GIS expert making your environment run optimally.

This new solution will increase the efficiency of an organization’s remote workforce with added speed and performance. Learn more about how Cloud Relief Quick Start can help your organization during this time. For Emergency Cloud Relief Quick Start pricing, please contact us directly.

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