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A Decade of Connecting Business and Community – The Largest Networking Event in Mount Pleasant Will Be Virtual Over Ten Days!

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A Decade of Connecting Business and Community
The largest networking event in Mount Pleasant, SC — driven by Crews Subaru of Charleston — will be a ten day virtual experience, in cooperation with the Town of Mount Pleasant!

Your Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce (MPCC) is always ahead of the curve. And We Mean Business!

Going Virtual
This year, in partnership with On Purpose Adventures, we’re taking the Business and Community Expo VIRTUAL! And no, we’re not talking Zoom calls. Think of it as an online adventure quest, accessible by any smart device, that will allow participants to engage with vendors in a purposeful way. No longer restricted by location or capacity limits, viewers can join the fun from anywhere in the world and learn more about the businesses that make Mount Pleasant, SC feel like home.

Open for Ten Days
Typically relegated to one day, the Expo will be open for ten days, starting on September 21 and running until September 30. This allows participants to hop in and out at their convenience instead of rushing in quick bites of conversation in exchange for a tchotchke. This also saves vendors the expense of staffing, booth set up, and hundreds of giveaway items, instead, allowing for one grand item put up for drawing. The quest will include trivia, video/photo challenges, and engaging extracurricular activities, offering participants a wide variety of fun while building content for vendors. Click here to watch a demo on our YouTube Channel (https://youtu.be/5yF4sxpgm4M).

“The MPCC Business and Community Expo Committee has been diligently planning the 10th Annual Expo since the Fall of 2019,” says Michael Cochran, MPCC Board Member and Expo Committee Chair. “The global pandemic and challenges surrounding COVID-19 have presented significant obstacles and challenges for an in-person event. The Expo Committee made the decision to look at alternatives to postponing, or canceling the event, and adapt to the changes, or ‘pivot’.” He explains that “Vendors will receive detailed information from each attendee and have the opportunity to showcase their respective business or service through surveys, video presentations, and a host of virtual tools. The constraints of a traditional, in-person event, such as social distancing, distracting conversations, and staffing issues, have been eliminated with the virtual pivot. Whether you are looking to make a quality business contact, expand your market-share, or connect with business and community movers and shakers, the MPCC 2020 Virtual Business Expo is the place to be!”

WHEN: September 21 – September 30, 2020
WHAT: 2020 Mt Pleasant Chamber of Commerce Business & Community Virtual Expo
WHERE: Online; mountpleasantexpo.com

About MPCC: Since 1992, the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce has been bringing together business leaders throughout the Mount Pleasant, S.C. community for mutually beneficial purposes. The membership is a mix of professions from various industries, including advertising and publishing, financial services, health care, retail, insurance, legal and service businesses of every description. The mission is to encourage business and community success East of the Cooper.