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Atlanta Tech Company Launches Online Platform for Traffic Court Adjudication and Payments

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ATLANTA, Feb. 3, 2021 – Judicial Innovations, a technology company based in Atlanta, announced today the launch of its new Online Traffic Resolution platform. The platform allows courts to deliver fast, COVID-safe justice for drivers charged with a traffic violation. Defendants can contest and pay their traffic tickets online without having to enter a courtroom, making justice accessible for everyone.

The platform launches at a time when many of the country’s traffic courts are closed for in-person proceedings due to the pandemic. Postponed hearings have not only delayed justice, they’ve also delayed local government revenue from the payment of fines. In fact, a 2020 OpenGov study found that 82% of local governments have lost revenue from fees and fines.

Judicial Innovations’ platform is free for courts and charges offenders a credit card processing fee at the time of payment. Courts can go live within two to four weeks of applying to join the platform.

Online Traffic Resolution was developed and built by a team with over 60 years of direct court experience. Judicial Innovations CEO and Founder Jarrett Gorlin has served his community for 25 years in local law enforcement, working for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Reserve and the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office. He was also co-founder of Judicial Correction Services, the largest private probation service in the country.

“The platform is designed for easy use – for courts and the public,” said Gorlin. “When someone receives a traffic citation, they can simply go to the court’s website and pay online. They also have the option to dispute the ticket online, which means they don’t have to take time off of work or find childcare to contest the ticket in court. Similarly, court clerks and judges can review and manage cases, accept or reject defendants’ disputes online, anytime and anywhere.”

The City of Acworth is among the first jurisdictions to use the Online Traffic Resolution platform.

“As COVID-19 remains a threat, we are looking for innovative ways to provide access to justice for all while ensuring the safety of the public and our employees,” said Misty Day, clerk of court at the City of Acworth. “Judicial Innovations’ solution not only allows us to facilitate traffic ticket resolutions entirely online, it also increases the predictability of our caseload and allows us to resolve cases faster.”

Online Traffic Resolution is a cloud-based platform that links with courts’ case management systems for a seamless implementation. If a defendant cannot solve their dispute online, they still have the option to appear before a judge.

About Judicial Innovations

Judicial Innovations is an Atlanta-based technology company that provides cloud-based platforms for online traffic court resolution, government payments and probation management. Backed by a team with over 60 years of direct court experience, Judicial Innovations provides government agencies with the tools they need to improve efficiencies – at no cost to them. Learn more at www.judicialinnovation.com.