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Raleigh Gets Smart, Chief Outsiders on SOUTH POD, DIG NATION Welcomes New Members Parker Poe Adams and Bernstein + Quantgene

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BIRMINGHAM – Women in the workforce. Delphine Carter saw the need to connect companies with diverse, non-traditional talent and help women jump back into their careers. What was born was Boulo Solutions, a career and staffing platform designed for women in the workforce. Tech it out.

RALEIGH – Smart cities. Raleigh-based EDJX Inc., which has developed a distributed edge-computing platform, will be part of a major public infrastructure project intended to develop smart cities, beginning in Austin, TX. Tech it out.

ATLANTA – Production loans. FilmHedge, an Atlanta-based financial technology startup, raised $2 million to triple its team and released its lending software for movie and TV production companies. The startup spent the last year in stealth mode while the team built out the lending software, which is now live. Get the deets.

TAMPA – Women led. For the development phase of COI Energy Services, which works with utility companies and businesses to help conserve energy and give to underserved communities, it was entirely bootstrapped by its founder SaLisa Berrien. Now, she has $2.5 million from outside investors. Learn more.


The startup ecosystem is a living and growing organism that most cities are trying to add to their modern economic development strategy for job creation. The startup ecosystem is typically a very positive kumbaya environment. There are lots of smiles around town while people with rose colored glasses are selling more commercial and residential real estate with the improvement in the local economy.

Sometimes the community is cruising along Complacency Road and forget to notice that some aspects of the ecosystem have become stale and have stopped growing but the leaders are resting on the headlines from recent accomplishments of the entrepreneurs.


Submitted by DIG NATION member Jim Roberts, Founder, Network For Entrepreneurs in Wilmington and Wilmington Angels for Local Entrepreneurs 

Learn New Growth Tools from CMO Paul Sparrow This Thursday

Thursday, March 25 at 8 PM ET
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Check Your Engine Oil Before Driving: Capitalizing on the Unique Economic State of Your Business

Chief Marketing Officer, speaker, and business growth expert Paul Sparrow shares a simple methodology for determining the economic health and trajectory of a given business. Coupled with the most recent forecasts and trends driving the core US economy, participants will be exposed to new tools that will help them drive the growth of their respective businesses. 


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Welcoming Parker, Poe, Adams & Bernstein + Quantgene 
DIG NATION is thrilled to onboard two new members this week – Charleston-based law firm Parker, Poe, Adams & Bernstein, and Quantgene, a Santa Monica-based world-leader in precision genomics and AI-enabled personalized preventative care. Quantgene recently partnered with Charleston-based Vikor Scientific. Keep an eye out for in-depth profiles coming soon!