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New Raleigh Startup Padeo Cuts Website Load Times Using Predictive Model


Businesses in the U.S. lose millions of dollars each year from having a slow website. For a company like Amazon, that can mean a loss of up to $1.6 billion per year. Padeo, a new startup out of the Triangle, has announced that they’re offering a new way to decrease website load times in a way that will be accessible for every business.

Padeo uses a predictive model to decide how website resources (like images, scripts, and stylesheets) should be preloaded when a customer is browsing a business’s website. Their product can mean big savings for businesses trying to sell online, while also providing a better web experience for people with limited access to bandwidth.“

Longer load times on a website means visitors spend less time browsing and are less likely to make a purchase.” says Ben Hardison, Co-Founder at Padeo. “The vast majority of local businesses don’t have the resources to engineer their website for speed in a way that Amazon or Google would.” A recent experiment from Google shows this problem clearly — a page load time difference of one second to five seconds made mobile visitors 90% more likely to leave the site completely. Hardison adds, “Padeo is a code-free way for any business to provide a faster website experience.”

There are many technology companies out there that are trying to address the issue of page load times. Padeo’s unique solution offers key benefits that other companies aren’t addressing:

Padeo works with your existing website on any platform, including WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify.
Padeo doesn’t require any technical expertise and can be installed on a website with one-click.
Padeo increases the performance of local business websites with local audiences in ways that content delivery networks, or CDNs, are unable to provide.

“Research at Stanford concluded that 75% of users make judgments about the credibility of a company based on their website,” says Hardison. “In 2021, providing a near-instant browsing experience is expected by most customers.”

Padeo offers their predictive preloading service for free, with premium plans starting at $19/month. For agencies with many web clients, Padeo offers discounted agency pricing.

About Padeo: Padeo is a project of The Hummingbird Group, an NCSU Startup. Padeo is a website plugin that uses a predictive model to decrease website load times. Learn more about Padeo at https://padeo.io/en/ or email hello@padeo.io.