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Accelerate R2 Network Challenge

(WASHINGTON, DC) Three U.S. Department of Commerce agencies have launched a first-of-its-kind interagency challenge focused on accelerating innovations for disaster response and resilience technology. The Economic Development Administration (EDA), in collaboration with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the First Responder Network…

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Gotcha Secures 11 More University E-Mobility Partners

Gotcha announced the addition of 11 exclusive college and university e-mobility partnerships across the US, such as the Louisiana State University, Villanova University, and the University of Alabama. This expansion further solidifies Gotcha as the leader in building sustainable micro-transit…

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Dangerous Data in 21st-Century Marketing

Data is the most dangerous 4 letters in marketing in the 21st-century. As marketers and executives we need to focus on only the data, reports, and analytics that matter vs. vanity metrics and products & SaaS platforms that make executives…

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Hospitals Reduce the Cost of Patient Care with Cloud Tech

Rising pharmaceutical drug prices and declining reimbursements have made it difficult for US-based hospitals to prescribe medicines that their uninsured or under-insured patients can afford. Even with the government’s 340B program, which requires drug makers to discount some of their…

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6 Ways AI Can Help a CEO

In the past few years, there’s been a lot of talk about AI innovating and improving our lifestyles. Remember when Waze first came out, and it shortened your commute? Siri is pretty cool, too. As AI becomes more developed, it’s…

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4 Don’ts From Female Founders

Founders live in a world of “NO” but these female entrepreneurs from the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem know how to turn a “DON’T” into a DID. Here’s their advice to all aspiring founders navigating the obstacles of starting up. 1….

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