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Ready, Set, Action: 8 Southern Startups Breaking into the Film Industry

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Sunday’s Oscar excitement has us talking about all things film! And while we’d love to binge watch all of Leo’s movies and replay any speech Alejandro González Iñárritu has ever given, Hollywood’s biggest night actually made us curious about the industry behind the scenes and beyond the Hills.

In this week’s DIG 500, we discovered eight cinematic startups around the Southeast who are changing the way we make, discover, and experience film.

  • Washington, DC-based startup iMogul connects independent filmmakers and screenwriters with investors. The platform also leverages crowdsourced user feedback and predictive analytics to help investors determine which projects to fund.
  • Currently in beta, Austin startup IndieHouse wants to eliminate the headache of marketing and selling for independent films and film festivals. The site is like a one-stop-shop for both filmmakers and festival organizers to discover one another while also creating promo pages to reach new viewers or festival attendees.
  • Also based in Austin, ProductionCliq is like BaseCamp and Slack for film production. The cloud-based platform helps production teams (from the director to the make-up crew) manage projects, scripts, film scheduling, location mapping, and more. Request a beta invite here.
  • Wish you had a say in which movies play at your local theater? Tugg, also out of Austin, is a collective action platform that enables you to do just that. Through the site, users select a film, screening time, and nearby theater, and then spread the word to their friends. If enough people “reserve a seat,” Tugg books the showing and voila – all you’ve gotta do is buy the popcorn!
  • Looking for a documentary or film that’s not on Netflix? Miami-based Bigstar Movies is a movie discovery platform allows fans to search for new releases, hard-to-find festival favorites, cult classics, foreign movies and much more.
  • If you’re a self-proclaimed iMovie wiz, then this one might be for you. Winston-Salem-based Outpour is an online community for emerging student and amateur filmmakers. Users can upload and distribute their reels, link collaborators, give and receive feedback, and find potential partnerships, talent, or new film opportunities.
  • Name one creative type who likes dealing with paper work. Yeah, didn’t think so. Luckily, FLIPSFilm out of Alpharetta, GA helps film and TV producers easily obtain permits and approvals from governments to film in communities.
  • Orlando-based Flickchart is a social media platform that helps users curate prioritized lists of favorite movies through a direct comparison tool. Users can also discover movies they haven’t seen, check out their friends’ favorites, and chat with like-minded movie fans.


There you have it! We hope these Southern innovators create some serious blockbusters. Know of other movie-related startups in the South? Share them in the comments and make sure to join us this April to meet many companies like the ones listed here!