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The Skirt! Girls Guide to DIG SOUTH

It’s no secret that with the growth of Lowcountry-based tech companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs, our Holy City has been notably dubbed “Silicon Harbor.” Tomorrow, we are go for launch as Day One of the 2016 Dig South Conference kicks off another action packed week of interactive events. This year’s theme is #POWER and we have put together our list of power players and our picks for presentations that you don’t want to miss! We’ve counted 47 female presenters on this year’s schedule and we can’t wait to see what they have to share with us.

  1. How to Reel in Top Talent and Keep Them: This panel-based discussion includes three local and very talented ladies from Charleston-based companies, Blackbaud, OneinaMiland Weiser Works.  If creating the perfect team is top on your list, no doubt this talk will offer insight and inspiration.
  2. The Power of Representation in Media presented by Kamala Avila-Salmon: This Harvard Business School MBA is responsible for the creative and paid media for all consumer-facing marketing campaigns promoting Google Play Music and Google Play Movies in the fiercely competitive spaces of digital distribution and media subscription. Can you say girl crush?
  3. Powered by Women presented by Heather McDougall: Heather is the founder ofLEADERSHIP exCHANGE, an educational organization dedicated to providing young people with the skills and opportunities they need to become active and responsible citizens in this global community. There, she teaches courses like Women and Leadership, and Women as Change Agents. Sign us up!
  4. If becoming a girl boss ranks high on your bucket list, be sure to catch first generation Russian immigrant Jenny Feterovich in Life in the Start up Fast Lane. Jenny came to America with $100 and a suitcase and is now the Executive Producer and Casting Director of hit TV show Start Up.  She has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the country and is here to share the inside scoop.
  5. Women in Tech? Yes please. This all-star line up of tech mavens like Titania Jordan andHeather Wilde surely can’t disappoint!

As for the rest of the schedule, it offers multiple options to “get your geek on” and serves plenty of networking opportunities. We don’t know about you, but rubbing elbows with the industries’ best and brightest at the Dig Show, Dig a Job Market Place and Dig Lounges sure gets us out of bed in the morning! And after you have spent the day channeling you inner innovator, each night offers after hour events featuring live music and cocktails. Whether you’re looking to grow your knowledge, tap into a new career market or just like to hang with cool peeps, Dig South should be on your agenda this week. Tickets are still available, so #POWER up and meet us at Dig!

Originally posted in skirt! Magazine.