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Why I Dig Vox, Jet, Casper and the Timeless Streets of Charleston – And You Will Too

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DIG SOUTH Innovation Conference invites Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff, Jet.com President Liza Landsman, Casper CEO Philip Krim to Charleston, South Carolina

At its best, DIG Innovation Conference should inspire and connect you in original fashion. To do that, we have to think and do things differently from the typical conference.

And we do.

DIG SOUTH is produced in a beautiful performing arts center, not a hotel ballroom. We curate inimitable speakers like Dr. Robert Cooper, a top of the pops neuroscientist and management consultant, Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff, Jet President Liza Landsman and Casper CEO Philip Krim.

Then we roll out into the glorious streets of Charleston, hosting events at one-of-a-kind hot spots across the Peninsula.

Why Charleston? Last year, Travel + Leisure named us the World’s Best City (and listed DIG ICON as a must-do on their travel list). 

But most of all the DIG Team focuses on those extra touches that build camaraderie — true esprit de corps. Why? Because that’s what leads to meaningful collaboration, fully engaged new clients and the moment where deals that change the course of history get done.

We take esprit de corps seriously at DIG, particularly its literal meaning: “spirit of the body.”

In other words, we believe you have to be here in both spirit and body, i.e., fully present, to discover your full potential.

More than 2000 executives, entrepreneurs and experts will join us in Charleston this April 25–27.

Where will you be?

— DIG SOUTH Founder, Stanfield Gray 

Join us at DIG ICON in Charleston, April 25-27. Badge prices increase on March 31!