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DIG NATION | New Member Spotlight: FK Funderburke, VP, Theorem

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From whiteboarding new concepts to long-term support, Theorem works with startups and large multi-national enterprises to develop new applications, software, services and platforms. Visit theorem.com to catch a glimpse into how they build, including their processes, team capabilities and what they do in each phase of a project to achieve the best results and deliver Full Stack Innovation™.

Meet the Theorem team at DIG SOUTH Tech Summit, April 22-24, in Charleston.


Describe your company and tell us a little about your clients/customers. What does “a day in the life” look like?  

Theorem was started 12-years ago by an inspired entrepreneur and team of highly talented software engineers, working out of a modified home office in Los Angeles. The company matured and started working with brands like Disney, Sony, Apple and Caterpillar, evolving into today’s 120+-person global organization. While Theorem has offices in several cities, the company operates completely remotely. We hire the best talent, period, without being limited by geography.  We are a team of strategy, design and development experts united by a passion for building human-centered, outcomes-focused software. We believe in starting with research, understanding a problem at its core, defining the right path forward and building a solution that lasts. From concept to launch we apply thoughtful customer development and agile engineering to creating new products and areas of business. Unlike other firms who land large teams for fixed periods of time, Theorem operates with smaller “squads”, leveraging more experienced practitioners and achieving accelerated timelines. Our teams personify the lean/agile process, scaling according to skillset and required horsepower on a weekly basis.    

We’d like to know how the DIG NATION tribe can help you most? What do you need and what can you share with the community?

We’re excited about our membership in DIG NATION as a way to grow our network, share our ideas and make new friends.  We want to share our ideas, passion and enthusiasm about technology, innovation, and all things digital with the tribe and hear what the tribe has to say about their offerings, challenges and opportunities.  For us, DIG SOUTH is a way to reach more client-partners, expand our offering and add to the Theorem family. Theorem originated in southern California, emerging from the technology-focused culture of both LA and Silicon Valley.  As we continue to expand in the South we’re bringing to bare the latest insights from our leading technology client-partners like Apple and Google, and marrying that innovation with the business objectives of organizations as eager to advance their digital transformation agenda.

How does the South (or your city) stack up as a place to work or launch a company? What does the region need more or less of? 

Over the last 20 years technology has really started to grow in the South.  Traditionally we have had hubs like RTP and Atlanta but what we’ve been seeing lately is tech corridors opening up between major cities — Charlotte and Greenville, SC have taken off, university towns are full of smaller start ups.  Consumers use the same devices and engage via the same platforms as the rest of the country. There is an opportunity for brands centered in this region to start tapping into their market in “smarter”, tech-centric ways. The user is ready, and Theorem has been helping brands evolve their digital experience since its inception.  Finally, and just as importantly, as more people move here for the weather and for better taxes, we’re seeing an unparalleled boom in technology companies starting from scratch and relocating vital offices. Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston, and the entire region is a great place for technologists and start-ups.

Describe your earliest memory using technology? Or, project what year will we finally have flying personal cars and what will yours look like?

My earliest memory:  The Mattel Classic Football handheld from 1977.  It was a great game. From there I moved onto Atari, Commodore Vic-20, Commodore 64 and so forth.  As to the future of tech, that’s why I am at Theorem. We conduct research, publish content, and help clients ideate around the topics of smart cars/cities, AR/VR, Iot et al. Some of these technologies have existing business cases and are being rolled out, some are a bit more nebulous. Theorem’s focus is, and always will be, responding to a client’s business challenge and designing groundbreaking solutions. Our industry-leading team of technologists can build anything. We thrive on being at the leading edge because it’s more fun than wondering what the people in front of you are doing.

How would you react to being stuck in an elevator with Elon Musk?

I’d introduce myself, grab a selfie, and then ask him for a meeting.  His passion for innovation is unbelievable and I think just chatting for an elevator ride could lead to a “eureka” moment.  Theorem’s mindset of nothing is impossible and results are critical is in line with a lot of what he’s said — an shown — over the years.  I know it would be a great conversation.