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Gotcha Mobility Rolls Out Fleet of All-New E-Bikes

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Gotcha Mobility, LLC (“Gotcha”), a subsidiary of Last Mile Holdings Ltd. (“MILE”) (TSXV: MILE; OTC: AZNVF), announced today the launch of its all-new fleet of e-bikes. The newly redesigned bikes use proprietary elements to offer a more comfortable ride, smoother electric motor and longer battery life.

The improved electric pedal-assist bike has an updated frame for a more comfortable riding position and overall experience. The airless tires better absorb potholes and bumps to create a smoother, easier ride.

The upgraded electric motor, manufactured by ANANDA, provides a more natural-feeling pedal-assist and a longer battery life. Riders can go longer distances with more leisurely rides thanks to the updated battery. The longer battery life reduces operational costs by requiring fewer trips to the warehouse for charging. The swappable battery allows Gotcha’s fleet team to change batteries at hubs in each market, keeping more bikes on the road with on-the-fly maintenance.

“E-bikes are a big part of our future growth in new and existing markets, and we are committed to offering the broadest product suite to our partners,” said Max Smith, CEO of MILE. “E-bikes will continue to differentiate us from others in our industry that are solely focused on e-scooters as we are seeing an increased demand in bike share.

“Nothing underscores this update more than the clear need for additional modes of transportation during COVID-19. Gotcha’s city and university partners are looking to micro-mobility more than ever as a primary form of transportation. E-bikes serve as vital components across cities and college campuses as they provide riders socially-distant transportation alternatives to crowded buses and confined ride share vehicles.”

The previous generation of bikes will be reallocated to other cities and campuses. Any unusable bikes will be salvaged for parts or properly disposed of to minimize waste.

Gotcha and MILE, formerly OjO Electric, have been developing innovative transportation solutions for over 11 years. As more communities continue to adopt shared mobility, Gotcha plans to engineer its products to meet the needs of riders and partners.

With comprehensive CDC-approved cleaning protocols and safety messaging in place, Gotcha is ensuring its riders and partners stay safe and informed.

For more information on Gotcha, visit ridegotcha.com.