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Venture135 Set to be the Largest Venture Conference in the Southeast

CHARLOTTE, NC – In its fourth year, Venture135 has shifted to a virtual platform, expanding one of the premier venture conferences to the largest of its kind in the Southeast.

“This year we had 100s of applications come in from startups from around the world,” said Dan Roselli, the managing director of RevTech Labs, the organizing body of Venture135. “It was challenging to sort through all of the applications and finalize our presenting companies because all of the startups were really strong, but there’s no doubt that the companies showcased on our stage throughout the week of November 16 will be the best of the best.”

Venture135 will have over 80 companies presenting on their virtual stage. On November 16 attendees will hear from regional entrepreneurs headquartered in Charlotte and the surrounding region across industries. Following the 16th will be the industry-specific days, introducing attendees to Fintechs on November 17, Insurtechs on November 18 and Healthtechs on November 19.

While the conference is run out of Charlotte the companies on stage come from around the world. “With our shift to virtual we’re now capitalizing on the ease and flexibility to bring startups from anywhere in the world,” said Roselli. “We have startups from Boston to Santa Monica and Tel Aviv to London. It’s really going to be an incredible opportunity for global deal flow.”

There are a lot of big changes being made to this year’s Venture135 conference, the shift to virtual and the number of companies to present aren’t the only new features to be introduced to the event program. RevTech Labs has made the decision to leverage their new global reach to host a segment during each day to spotlight traditionally underrepresented founders at the seed stage.

“Since we now have this unique opportunity to bring in investors and VCs from around the world, we have taken a heightened focus on RevTech Labs’ mission of addressing the prevalent diversity issue in later-stage companies,” said Roselli. “It’s our hypothesis that if we put these earlier stage founders on our stage now and introduce them to the right folks, we can give them the social capital they need to move further down the
pipeline and become the later-stage tech companies of the future.”

Venture135 will be hosted on Brella and will leverage their AI-powered networking technology to connect Founders with the right investors and partners throughout the week, taking the guesswork out of networking and leading to strategic deal flow. You can view the full list of companies and content sessions, as well as purchase tickets on the event website at Venture135.com.