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Regulr Offering Exclusive Early-Access Signup to DIG NATION Member Businesses

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As a way to help brick and mortar businesses survive the pressures from COVID, Regulr is offering early access sign up to DIG NATION members until the end of the year for our new customer experience platform. Delivering exceptional customer experiences is a competitive requirement in today’s networked world.

Regulr is a technology platform that enables a customer to save their favorite orders, preferred payment method, and personal preferences in a mobile app so they can share those preferences when and wherever they choose the moment they walk in the door at any business.

A Bain study found that 80% of customers chose to leave a brand due to poor experience. Further research from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that up to 67% of customers switch brands not due to price or features but due to customer experience or a “perceived lack of attention, personalization, and engagement.”

This requirement is now even more critical in a COVID environment as each customer relationship is more precious than ever. As many businesses run skeleton crews, they will need to become more efficient and simultaneously more capable in delivering against heightened consumer expectations for safe social experiences, personalized touch points, and seamless convenience anytime, anywhere.

Similar to how online retail delivers real-time recommendations to consumers, the Regulr platform gives your frontline employees superpowers in the real world to deliver these experiences the moment a customer walks in your doors via real-time push notifications on your device of choice.

Don’t get left behind, start creating the next generation of in-store experiences that customers crave with Regulr today.

DIG NATION member sign up here.