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Wild Pitch Wednesday with Paul Sparrow of Chief Outsiders

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Learn New Growth Tools from CMO Paul Sparrow on DIG CAFÉ

March 10 at 11 AM ET

Check Your Engine Oil Before Driving: Capitalizing on the Unique Economic State of Your Business

Chief Marketing Officer, speaker, and business growth expert Paul Sparrow shares a simple methodology for determining the economic health and trajectory of a given business. Coupled with the most recent forecasts and trends driving the core US economy, participants will be exposed to new tools that will help them drive the growth of their respective businesses.

CHARLOTTE – All stars. The State Farm Arena has tapped Charlotte, North Carolina-based Lucid Drones to help expand the venue’s cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Lucid’s D1 Disinfecting Drone (D1) will be deployed to sanitize the 17,5000 seat stadium. This is the first NBA arena to implement drone-enabled sanitization protocols. Read more.

RALEIGH – Quality assurance. MuukLabs is getting ready to scale. Less than a year after graduating from Techstars Kansas City Accelerator, the Raleigh startup has landed $750,000 from a convertible note for its no-code test automation platform powered by artificial intelligence. Get the deets.

ATLANTA – Engaging eLearning. eLearning has taken on a whole new meaning during the pandemic. The team over at Curricula saw the need to make sure that cybersecurity training is as engaging as possible in our Zoom-saturated world. Here’s how they’re doing it. Tech it out.

AUSTIN – Sidecar investments. Venture capital firm Geekdom Fund LP raised about $1.17 million in a sidecar equity funding round for Austin-based startup MP Cloud Technologies Inc., according to a Feb. 26 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Learn more.