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Gang-Run Craft Brewery in Wilmington Gets Molson Coors Investment, DIG SOUTH Tech Summit in Charleston, eBlu Kentucky Startup Raises $11.4M

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It’s alive! It’s alive! DIG SOUTH Tech Summit is coming July 28-30 in-person and streaming.

Mark your calendars…seriously…right now. Very few in-person tech conferences will happen this year and you do not want to miss the best one in the South – in Charleston! 

Join us to refresh your network, jumpstart your career, land clients, launch a product and raise much needed capital. Bathing suits welcome (at the beach or on a boat, of course).

Stay tuned for speaker announcements and more over the next two weeks.

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WILMINGTON – Craft breweries. Molson Coors Beverage Company is acquiring a minority stake in its latest craft brewery and this one is extraordinarily unique: it’s managed and staffed almost entirely by active gang members. TRU Colors Brewery, located in Wilmington, North Carolina, started in 2017 with the mission to reduce gang violence in the beach town. Tech it out.

ATLANTA – The future of workplaces. Creative firm, Liger Partners, has just opened a new hybrid workplace that combines flexible office hours and remote work with an open-environment shared common space. “As a diverse organization we wanted people to feel comfortable and the space be universally appealing,” says Eric Holtzclaw, chief visionary partner, Liger Partners. Read more.

LOUISVILLE – Digital health. A Kentucky startup raised an $11.4 million Series A to address a major headache in the medical community: verifying patient benefits. eBlu is an electronic workflow solution that streamlines the prior authorization of expensive infusion-based specialty medications. Tech it out.

DURHAM – Food tech. Not all of the food waste happens at home. Grocery stores dispose of a lot of food, much of it destined for landfills. WISErg has developed technology that captures nutrients from food scraps and turns them into fertilizer. Now that technology belongs to Plant Response. Learn more.


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