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Call Experts Announces a Strategic Partnership with ADP Marketplace

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Charleston, SC – Call Experts has entered into a strategic partnership with ADP Marketplace. The collaboration originated from a need to add automated attendance management via phone lines to ADP’s existing services. The partnership will help both parties offer seamless connectivity between Call Expert’s Attendance Bridge and ADP payroll systems. 

With close to four decades of experience supporting businesses and Human Resource (HR) Divisions, Call Experts has a unique perspective and can share guidance related to attendance tracking, employee management, and other HR operations. Call Expert’s evolving and extensive workforce of US-based team members is trained to support emergencies, routine call-outs, COVID-19 reporting, and more. 

ADP Marketplace helps companies of all sizes integrate best-of-breed HR solutions from ADP and third-party partners with their ADP platform. It provides the simplicity of single sign-on, single data input, and single billing. By building a highly customized, fully integrated HCM ecosystem, businesses can simplify HR processes, eliminate manual and duplicative data entry, and free up valuable time to focus on strategic initiatives and taking care of their people.

Utilizing ADP’s outstanding payroll software and Call Expert’s unparalleled phone automation and customer support experience, employers at participating companies will be able to offer seamless phone lines for employees, real-time reporting for supervisors, and multi-level reporting for executives.

2020 has been a strong year for ADP Marketplace with expansion into Canada and Europe, improved search and product recommendation through AI, bundled solutions for vertical markets, and an enhanced eCommerce in-product experience for buyers to discover and buy solutions directly from their ADP product console. To learn more about ADP Marketplace, visit apps.adp.com.

The collaboration started at the end of the First Quarter of 2021. Focusing on larger factory, grocery, warehouse, and multi-location franchises, the Attendance Bridge allows users and businesses to integrate phone lines and outsourced support to their payroll and attendance process.

The partnership is committed to supporting friendly attendance and payroll operations by creating a transparent attendance program for businesses across the US. Initially, the focus will revolve around seamless integration related to attendance, call-outs, and payroll requests.

“Our businesses are committed to supporting business owners and employees. Together, we are opening doors to provide support to key organizations and their teams and doing so in ways that are inexpensive and easy to implement.” 

Abby Leibowitz, President and CEO Call Experts

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